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Located in the heart of an area with long-standing experience in the automotive business, HAROPA, the leading French port for the import and export of new vehicles, offers a strategic location to get access to the European markets and serve automotive markets in the whole world. 

The firms in the automotive sector are reputed and renowned for their absolute level of logistics requirements. This guides HAROPA which meets all your just-in-time requirements: security, permanent traceability, reliability, appropriate multimodal connections and a competitive transit time, not to mention the specific associated services and specialist service providers on the spot.

HAROPA today: 1,000 vehicles handled per day and 600 ports of call per year.

With RORO Max, HAROPA is going even further in the assistance it gives to the automotive industry stakeholders and establishes itself as a benchmark ro-ro terminal.

RORO Max : a European benchmark

The multimodal ro-ro terminal (rail/river/road) of more than 100 ha, including its extension to Radicatel, offers high-speed overland connections and innovative services owing to the presence of vehicle logistics companies already established on site and to high-tech equipment and facilities. The simplified administrative procedures - S)One - speed up the transit time: customs clearance in less than 6 minutes, without physical inspection (98 %), bonded warehouses and customs facilities.

Comprehensive value-added services:    

  • High and Heavy vehicles: trucks, construction and/or agricultural equipment, industrial projects, etc. 
  • goods handling and logistics service providers
  • continuous vehicle monitoring at each stage: tracing and tracking, data processing 
  • specialist personnel: mechanics, mechatronics technicians, accessory fitters, etc.
  • more than 4,500 sq. m. of personalised preparation; washing, upholstery, covering, installation of manuals and accessories, technical and mechanical commissioning, window engraving, fitting-out of light commercial vehicles, etc.
  • strengthened presence of the two largest spare part centres in France, operated by Renault (Rouen Grand Couronne) and Peugeot (Le Havre) 
  • innovating techniques in cooperation with laboratories and research schools: vehicle identification, terminal configuration, flow optimization.

To an from Europe in a record time:

  • short-sea competitive transit time for 60% of the trades 
  • direct access to the European motorways and to the Paris area 
  • rail connection, river combined transport with urban distribution by barges 

For example:

  • 5 days to Helsinki 
  • 6 days to St Petersburg 
  • 2 days from Santander 
  • 2 days from El Ferrol 

Testimonials and projects

Hervé Cornède, HAROPA Commercial and Marketing Director

“The RORO MAX project, unique in Europe, is the fruit of a collaborative approach among all ro-ro stakeholders, in order to develop new value-added services in a terminal which will extend to 120 hectares in 2015-2016”.

Pascal Louvigny,  BU LV France Director - CAT Logistique Véhicules


"The CAT Group has more than tripled its operating space in Le Havre Port in the past three years. We have made it one of our major logistics facilities in Europe, and an important port of call for the ships of our SCSC shipping line (Suardiaz CAT Shipping Company). We have opted to strengthen our operations in the port of Le Havre, whose expansion goals, commercial vitality and medium-term vision in the context of the RORO MAX project perfectly match our ambitions. The proximity of Paris is a major asset, enhanced by a multimodal transport offer to the capital (road, rail, river).”

Jean-Maurice Pavion, Chairman of Walon France

"In 2012, we opened a new vehicle preparation centre on the roll-on/roll-off terminal to meet our customers' needs in terms of high added-value services. We now offer services as varied as vehicle preparation, the fitting of accessories and wooden interior kits, the installation of leather seats, the transformation of commercial vehicles and personalised customisation services in partnership with car design companies. The support and receptiveness of the teams in the port were precious assets for setting up this new infrastructure."

Antoine Redier, Director of Automotive Logistics (GEFCO)

"In early 2000, Gefco expanded its terminal near a railway siding. That is very important for us because we organise a great deal of transport on railway wagons: we have 2-3 trains per week delivering cars to the port of Le Havre. The benefits are twofold: safety and quality, in terms of infrastructure, access roads and goods handling."

Grimaldi growth goes through HAROPA

The Italian shipping group GRIMALDI (8,000 staff, 102 vessels) has strengthened its presence on the HAROPA terminals. Since July 2013, its subsidiary Finnlines has offered from the Radicatel Terminal a weekly direct shipping service; it is ensured by four CONRO type vessels for both the Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia/the Baltic and the United Kingdom.

For more information, consult the RORO Max website ... 

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