In a context in which HAROPA seaborne traffic globally remains stable, at 45.8 M tonnes, the first six months were marked by very good figures for highly strategic trades:

  • Maritime container traffic posted an all-time high figure to the hinterland with a total of more than 1 million TEU that is +1.1% against first half of 2017. This rise means growth of maritime container river traffic by 12.6% in TEU(2)  ;
  • The market share of HAROPA for the export of wheat and barley produced  in France (2017-2018 season) reached a record level of 50%, with 75% traffic growth against the previous season,
  • Seaborne traffic of aggregates,  sands and gravels strongly rose by 55%, regarding this trade, river traffic recovered after the period of strong rise in the water level with 7.5 M tonnes;
  • Sea “Ro-Ro” trade confirmed  continuous growth with 157,000 vehicles that is+2% ;
  • Sea  and river cruises still posted high momentum, with, especially, +11% of calls for sea cruise;

(1) change between January to June 2017 and January to June 2018
(2) figures for maritime container river traffic as at end of May 2018 (counted in Le Havre)


Traffic to the hinterland has posted the best figure at end of June for 5 years with more than 1million TEU.
This good result brings about a rise in maritime container river traffic along the Seine corridor, reaching 76,000 TEU, that is a 12.6% rise.(2)
Transhipment operations which had slightly slowed down
at the beginning of the semester recovered at the end of the period.


All cereals counted together, the terminals of the Port of Rouen operated 7 million tonnes in the course of the 2017-2018 season, that is a 75 % rise compared to last year.
This figure confirms the competitiveness of the port of Rouen which handles about 50% of the French exports of wheat and barley. The new 2018-2019 season should confirm this good positioning in terms of market shares.
The river traffic of cereals in the Ile-de-France region actually rose by 22.5%connected for the major part with the supply of the port of Rouen.


Sea traffic rose by 55%, with 900,000 tonnes: it is boosted
by the re-start of the Paris area and Normandy building sector.
On this very trade, river traffic significantly recovered as from the month of April with 7.5 MT after a beginning of the year strongly impacted by the period of strong rise in the river water level (-2% at end of June against -16% at end of March).


The ro-ro terminal in Le Havre processed 157,000 vehicles that is 2%more than in 2017. MSC Shipping Company launched its Ro-Ro service in February connecting HAROPA with West Africa twice a month.





With 226,000 passengers and 107 calls (+11%), sea cruises carry on increasing at the ports of Le Havre, Honfleur and Rouen.
The number of passengers rose by 7% in Le Havre (200,000) and 67%in Honfleur (17,500).
It’s worth noting the development of the “turnaround”calls in Le Havre
(about 40 over all the year thanks to MSC and Princess Cruise).
At end of June, river cruises grew a lot with 52 calls and more than 5,000 passengers against 42 calls for the year 2017.

Key facts to remember...

New commercial offers :

  • Change in the  round- trip service Asia-to-Europe FE2 of THE Alliance in April; this service operated by the largest vessels placed Le Havre as the first continental port of call on import from Asia.
  • Since the beginning of the month of August,  the connection with West Africa from Rouen which was performed by a Mac Andrews service between Rouen and the hub of CMA CGM in Algesiras (connecting its services Algesiras-WAC), has been replaced by an improved service owing to a feeder between Rouen and Le Havre (BL Rouen) in order to connect the direct services to the WAC provided by CMA CGM from Le Havre.

New services :

  • THE Alliance  has introduced a new Asia service in Le Havre, the FE3.
  • From end of August, the 2M alliance positions Le Havre as the 1st po rt of call on import on the North-European Range for its service calling at the East Coast of the United States, the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico.

New river connection : Bolloré Logistics has launched a river connection to deliver 36 x 40’ containers by waterway directly to the port of Bonneuil from the port of Le Havre.

New call at La Roche-Guyon : in order to develop a network of public and shared-use calls, on the scale of the Seine corridor, HAROPA - Ports of Paris has created a new stop-over to receive river cruise boats with accommodation measuring up to 135m long.

New rail connection : in September, start of a new rail connection between French-speaking Switzerland and the ports of Le Havre and Marseille Fos.