Reefer Containers

HAROPA, # 1 in France for reefer products

On a growing market, HAROPA proposes a full offer of products and services, grouping together all professionals of the supply chain around a real ’reefer’ logistics :  import/export shipping services, dynamic professionals, high-quality PIF-PEC (veterinary, phyto-sanitary and customs facilities), efficient platforms, carriers, stevedores, customs officers.  

Dedicated means

  • Presence of the world largest shipping companies, 
  • presence of the biggest logistics companies expert in reefer products,
  • about 50 specialized freight forwarders,
  • 2,500 reefer connectors on container terminals, 
  • remote monitoring 24h/24: detection of breakdowns, temperature and humidity rate readings, 
  • complete logistics offer with 500,000 cu. m. of warehousing capacity under positive or negative temperature and 19 ha of land reserves.

Value-added logistics services

  • Stock management, order preparation, freezing, flash-freezing, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)… 
  • transport and distribution: full reefer containers (100 pre-and post-carriers)
  • maintenance and repair of refrigerated containers,
  • micro-biological and physico-chemical analyses of foodstuff products.

Advantages of  port transit through Le Havre

  • PIF (Border Inspection Post) et PEC (Community Entry Point) in Le Havre: 
         - #1 French centre for veterinary and phyto-sanitary inspection  
         - 99.6%  acceptance rate for checked goods 
  • Single checkpoint, grouping of veterinary, phyto-sanitary and customs services: facilitation of checking formalities and reduction of time of transit and costs on import 
  • 100% dematerialised customs clearance for the goods subject to veterinary inspection owing to the interconnection with TRACES and DELTA systems. 

HAROPA, the metropolitan gateway to the International Market in Rungis, the world biggest market of fresh products, and its thirty or so ripening stations.  

  • HAROPA, an expert in fruit and vegetable logistics: A partnership with the professionals of the « Fruit and vegetables » sector makes it possible to see to the respect of the quality of fruit and vegetables and formalize a competitive offer in terms of costs.


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